How many times have you heard to put out your fire if you’re leaving camp?  Deputies with the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office made a discovery this week in the South Hills.  An empty campsite and a smoldering fire.  As you can see, the occupants intended to return.  Why else would you leave chairs and supplies behind?

Deputies put out the fire.

Does it take a rocket scientist to realize that a fire unattended, even if you’re gone for a few minutes, could get out of control?  I can see the desire to keep the fire going if you’re short on matches, but goodness gracious, we aren’t yet experiencing frigid temperatures.  This isn’t Into the Wild!

I’ve witnessed a fire in the South Hills.  Not nearly as close as the men and women who battled the Badger Fire, but I watched the planes bring in the water from Murtaugh Lake and drop it on the burning forest.  It was nasty and it was dangerous work.

One writer commented on the agency’s Facebook page and said he didn’t see a big deal over a fire smoldering in a pit.  No, no, no!  We have wind in Idaho and fires have embers.

Would you start a fire inside your home fireplace and then leave for the day?  Fire doesn’t operate by logic.  People are supposed to use their own brains.  Why leave them behind?

Once more, it takes just seconds for fire to spread in our dry climate.  Helped by the almost constant wind.  I don’t really like calling people stupid, but sometimes it’s more than accurate.

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