In Twin Falls we have the Bowladrome, but have you ever heard of a bowla-drone? Neither have I. I just made that up after watching a seriously impressive video of a drone getting up close and personal and all over the place inside a bowling alley.

I can't imagine the skill it took to fly the drone in that video and the planning it took to get everyone in the right place as the drone flew around. I have a drone and I am lucky to not hit trees in the park, even if there is only one tree at the park. Also, that bowling alley in the video is awesome. They have the food, lanes, and a movie theater room. I want that to be my house.

In Twin Falls we have bowling options too: The Bowladrome and the Magic Town Center (previously Magic Bowl). Both offer plenty of lanes and black light event times for a groovy bowling experience. They should also be on your radar for the next few weeks as your kids grow increasingly bored at random times during their Spring Break.

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I think a drone video like the one above at a place like Skateland would also be awesome. Have the drone flying around as people do spins or have it fly between legs. I don't know what cool skills people have when skating, but I bet it would be a cool video.

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