A new drone video uploaded earlier in the week shows just how bad the air quality presently is throughout the Magic Valley. The haze is a result from a number of fires burning in northern Nevada and southern Idaho.

If you've spent any time outdoors lately, you know how bad the air is. There are a handful of fires contributing to the smoky sky over Twin Falls. Two area fires that crews appear to have gotten a handle on, the Saddle Fire and the Black Pine Fire, have contributed heavily to the current air quality, which is expected to remain poor for the next several days.

Those with respiratory issues, senior citizens and young children, are most susceptible to adverse reactions from the burn off. Smoke from more than 330 fires presently burning in California is also blowing east and making matters worse.

A recent video uploaded to YouTube on August 20 comes from a drone pilot navigating his machine from a dock on the Snake River. He proceeds to fly it at an altitude of about 400 feet down the river, to the Perrine Bridge and back. The footage gives viewers a good look at how bad the air quality really is.

The drone being piloted in the video is a Mavic Mini, according to the video's description. If you're gonna be out flying drones this weekend, I'd recommend masking up, not just because of the virus, but the bad air too.

Great video! Thanks for sharing it.

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