How often does this happen to you?  I’ve had studio guests who’ve been late waiting at a train crossing.  Actress Christina Hendricks had the same fate at the same crossing pictured above.  During a return visit to her hometown.

It Happens When You Think You're Saving Time

I managed to get out of work earlier than expected on Tuesday.  Rare, because that’s our biggest day for post-show meetings.  I had the choice of two routes home, but since I had no stops to make, I chose what would be the shortest distance.  I chose wrong.  I rounded a bend in the road and was among the first cars stopped for a train.  Quickly, there were cars lined up on both sides of me and I couldn’t turn around.  It was a 15-minute wait.

It wasn’t a train passing through.  It was stacking cars.  That requires it to make multiple stops, starts, and reversals.

The Rules are Different at Some Crossings

Many years ago, it was explained that we have a spur, and that doesn’t require the railroad to clear the tracks fast.

Having the rail yard here is good for the local economy and creates jobs.  In my experience, western states have far more grade crossings than the east.  These can be dangerous places.  That’s on drivers and not engineers.

We Could Have Bigger Troubles

Would it be more convenient and safer to have more overpasses?  Sure, but taxpayers would balk at the cost.  There are people dodging bombs in Ukraine and the Middle East.  Waiting on the train pales in comparison.  Just don’t be a daredevil and try and beat the warning lights.

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