I believe local law enforcement has it together.  Major crimes are getting solved.  You might say slowly, but I would argue the investigations are meticulous.  I was home from work on Thursday when I learned Twin Falls Police had made its first arrest in connection with last week’s double homicide.  A woman who may have assisted the escape of the two hoodlums seen in security camera pictures is now in custody in Arizona.  She’s probably going to start talking.

Does that make me feel safe?  Safety is a relative matter.  If I’m walking down the canyon trail at noon, I’m not worried about being approached by thieves and there may be a one-in-a-million chance I’ll encounter a mountain lion (probably the only lottery I would ever win!)

Would I walk the same trail at midnight?  No, but it’s probably safe if you can see where you’re going.  Would I walk Addison Avenue or Kimberly Road at two a.m.?  I hope I never face that dilemma.

Police are telling us the streets are safe.  Generally, it would be a qualifier.  That’s a political statement.  It comes from City Hall and the Chamber of Commerce.  You may remember how the wagons were circled almost a decade ago after the refugee crisis.  At a lunch downtown, I was told by city and business representatives they feared we wouldn’t attract new industry if things didn’t quiet down.

When it comes to my safety, I’ll be my judge.  Because when you come right down to it, there are a lot of times you’re on your own.  Try not to give the bad guys an opportunity.

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