Our phones serve many purposes. There our calendar, entertainment for our kids, our email head quarters, shopping devices and of course we use our phones to avoid talking to people around us.

Don't act like you have never used your phone as a distraction while being in a crowded room. I like to think that we all have done this but, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center, only 23% of us have done it, and 6% of us do it all the time.

  • 12% of people think it's okay to use your phone at a family dinner
  • 5% say it's okay during a meeting
  • 5% say it's okay in a movie theater
  • 4% are cool with you using it in church
  • 79% of us have had to deal with people talking loudly on their cell phones in public and 53% of us have eavesdropped on someone's conversation.
  • 82% of us think it usually hurts a conversation when people are checking their phones.

And finally, even though this math totally doesn't work, 90% of people say the last time they whipped out their phone at a social event, it was only because someone else did it first.

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