Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday, November 6th, at 2am so don't forget to set your clocks back and get an extra hour of sleep.

Daylight Saving Time began the second Sunday in March when clocks were set forward one hour. When we "fall back" this weekend we'll return to Standard Time. As a result, darkness may seem to be descending early as we readjust to "normal" time.

A Brief History of Daylight Saving Time

No, it wasn't just created to mess with our schedules and clocks. Daylight Saving Time was was instituted in the United States during World War I in order to save energy for war production. During World War II the federal government again required the states to observe the time change, and in 1966, Congress passed the Uniform Time Act which standardized the length of Daylight Saving Time. Daylight Saving Time is four weeks longer since 2007 due to the passage of the Energy Policy Act in 2005.

Before you go to bed Saturday night, don't forget to set your clocks back an hour--most of your digital gadgets will do this automatically. This is also a good time to check the batteries in your smoke detectors.