The Blue Angels are returning to Twin Falls.  The Angels are the United States Navy’s demonstration team.  Members are part of what is one of the most popular and successful demonstration teams in aviation history.  They’ll be featured at the 2025 Twin Falls Air Show.  The team’s counterparts are the Air Force Thunderbirds.  A friend of mine was the E.O. for the Thunderbirds in the late 1970s.  He took me to a show once.

I got a seat in the VIP section and watched from the beach in Ocean City, Maryland.  A Harrier landed a stone’s throw in front of us (I could have reached it with a stone).  I should have brought some earmuffs.  It was loud!

Times have changed since his time with the team.  In those days, pilots would sometimes down a couple of shots of whiskey before going airborne.  Today, there’s no drinking allowed from 48 hours before a show.

My friend explained the teams are constantly under the threat of budget cuts.  Yet, they do more than entertain.  The shows are a great recruiting tool, and they fill crowds with awe and patriotism.

The 2025 show will take place at Joslin Field.  The Magic Valley Airshow sets attendance records, and from my perspective, is the biggest event This County hosts. The pilots get to also fly over some magnificent scenery.

I’ve been lucky enough to fly in some old World War Two-era bombers but never in a modern fighter.  My buddy Steve says if you’re sitting behind the pilot and he accelerates quickly, your initial reaction aside from puckering is that you see the world as if you’re looking through a straw!

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