I’ve not had an opportunity to see the Blue Angels live.  If I can stick around through 2025, I can see them in Twin Falls.  Twin Falls County Internet Technology Director J.P. O’Donnell is on the local airport board.  He announced the Blue Angels are coming back for the bi-annual show.

The aviators are sandwiching Twin Falls in between shows in Seattle and Hawaii.  This is news for some of my old high school buddies who didn’t know the Navy had more than simply a football team.  The one they watch once a year.

The precision flying team was created after World War Two.  It not only entertains but also serves as a recruiting tool and builds the image of the service.

A friend of mine was a member of the Air Force’s version.  The Thunderbirds.  The Thunderbirds are based out of Nellis Air Force Base, a few minutes flying time from Twin Falls!  He took me to a show many years ago and I got to sit in the VIP tent.  Which means I didn’t need to bring sunscreen.  It was great, but I should note when a Harrier landed in front of us that I could’ve used some ear protection.

The local airshow isn’t simply entertainment.  It packs a wallop for the local economy and attracts increasingly larger crowds.  The Blue Angels will get in nearly a week of relaxation while in the Magic Valley.  Though, they probably won’t be wearing flight suits when visiting Shoshone Falls.  They’ll instead blend in with other tourists.

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