The team at the new Magic Valley Cinema 13 was kind enough to let us visit the new theater, which will be opening in Twin Falls this week.

After spending a few minutes inside and taking a few pics, I have to say that these guys have big plans and it's obvious from the time you walk through the door, they're on their way.

I'm not sure how to convey the sheer size of the interior. It's one of those buildings that's WAY bigger on the inside that it appears to be from outside. The foyer is gigantic and includes open access to the mall. There are ample snack lines and a separate box office for the purchase of tickets.

The theaters range in size - including the gigantic 55ft screen.

We talked with owner Dave Corkill from Cinema West who explained some of the exciting things to come.

We hope to see you for the midnight viewings on Thursday night / Friday morning at 12:00am.

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