(KLIX)-Officials had to shut down Interstate 84 near Mountain Home. The Benwalk Fire burned along the interstate from Exit 90 to Exit 122 near Hammett. I-84 was closed for about 4 1/2 hours on Monday afternoon while Bureau of Land Management and emergency personnel battled the fire. It has burned more than 15,000 acres so far. KTVB reports the fire was sparked by lighting around 4:15 Monday afternoon, seven miles north of Glenn's Ferry and quickly made it's way to the Mountain Home area.  Bureau of Land Management, says the Benwalk fire between Bennett Mountain Road and Walker Road, east of Mountain Home, and has burned at least 15,000 acres. This fire is their number one priority, due to it's close proxmitiy to homes in the area.
BLM says no structures, no homes, and no businesses have been lost in the fire.