The remains of a Canadian man stranded in Elko County in the spring of 2011 have been found.  The Times News reports Two hunters found the remains Saturday of Albert Chretien,  Chretian and his wife became stranded in remote northern Elko County in March 2011.  Albert Chretien was identified by some items in the pocket of his clothing. Hunters Rodney Thompson and Jay Doke found the remains in a heavily wooded area of Merritt Mountain.  Chretian and his wife, Rita, 56 at the time, became stranded when their vehicle got stuck in mud on a backcountry road on their way to a trade show in Las Vegas. Albert Chretien, then 59, tried to walk for help and was not seen alive again.  Rita Chretien survived for 49-days in the wilderness with only a small bag of mixed nuts, some hard candy and fish oil capsules. She slept in the couple’s van and was eventually discovered by hunters.  The Chretiens had passed through Twin Falls on their way to Nevada before becoming stuck.

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