If things are a little tight but you still want to make Valentine's Day plans, here are five things you can do around Twin Falls for $50 or less.


Miracle Hot Springs

For $28 dollars, you could take a relaxing soak in a VIP Private pool at Miracle Hot Springs in Hagerman. If you exclude the gas it takes to get there, you've got $20 left over for a pizza. Miracle tells me the VIP rooms are going very fast, so if you want to book one, I'd get on it.  (208)543-6002

Magic Valley Cinema 13 at the Magic Valley Mall. Townsquare Media, Brad Weiser


It seems a little cliche and probably not very romantic but $40 will get you a night at the movies. Let's see... $9.25 per ticket x 2 will get you both in for $18.50. If you share a large popcorn, you're going to shell out $6.50 (free refill) and two medium drinks @ $5.50 each will set you back another $11.00. That puts your total evening at $37.00. I realize my math is off by $2 but I'm assuming you hit the dollar store on the way to the movie for a bag of Skittles and some Red Vines and you'll be smuggling those in a purse.

Mikhail Kokhanchikov


Laugh all you want. I took my wife bowling on our first date and we had a blast. You could each play two games, including shoe rentals for $26 at Bowladrome. And I know this isn't exactly a candlelight dinner but you can get a couple burgers, fries and a pitcher of beer with your remaining $24.


Lazer-Mania via Facebook


I know, I know, this isn't very romantic and probably pegs the nerd-meter at 100, but a fun Valentine's shootout at Lazer-Mania might be just what the doctor ordered. A round of Lazer Tag and Miniature Golf, will cost you $21.50, which leave you $28.50 for a modest dinner.  For $16.50, you can get two dinners at Pizza Pie Cafe'. That leaves you with $12 you can pocket or leave for a tip. No matter where you decide to eat please remember to always, ALWAYS, tip your server.

Lumina Stock

Spa Day for Two

If you're looking to relax,  Planet Beach in Twin Falls is offering a couples massage and sauna for $49. They'll even throw in a box of chocolates for your sweetheart. Planet Beach is at 1111 Blue Lakes North in Twin in the Centre Pointe Plaza. (208-732-0772).  Keep in mind, they're closed on Sunday's but they're offering this special for the entire week of Valentine's Day.