If things are a little tight but you still want to make Valentine's Day plans, here are five things you can do around Twin Falls for $50 or less.


Miracle Hot Springs

For $28 dollars, you could take a relaxing soak in a VIP Private pool at Miracle Hot Springs in Hagerman. If you exclude the gas it takes to get there, you've got $20 left over for a pizza. Miracle tells me the VIP rooms are going very fast, so if you want to book one, I'd get on it.  (208)543-6002

Magic Valley Cinema 13 at the Magic Valley Mall. Townsquare Media, Brad Weiser


It seems a little cliche and probably not very romantic but $40 will get you a night at the movies. Let's see... $9.25 per ticket x 2 will get you both in for $18.50. If you share a large popcorn, you're going to shell out $6.50 (free refill) and two medium drinks @ $5.50 each will set you back another $11.00. That puts your total evening at $37.00. I realize my math is off by $2 but I'm assuming you hit the dollar store on the way to the movie for a bag of Skittles and some Red Vines and you'll be smuggling those in a purse.

Lumina Stock

Spa Day for Two

If you're looking to do something really special, Planet Beach in Twin Falls is offering a package that gives you a great bang for the buck. You can get a couples massage and sauna for $49. They'll even throw in a box of chocolates for your sweetheart. Planet Beach is at 1111 Blue Lakes North in Twin in the Centre Pointe Plaza. (208-732-0772).  Keep in mind, they're closed on Sunday's but they're offering this special for the entire week of Valentine's Day.

Mikhail Kokhanchikov


Laugh all you want. I took my wife bowling on our first date and we had a blast. You could each play two games, including shoe rentals for $26 at Bowladrome. And I know this isn't exactly a candlelight dinner but you can get a couple burgers, fries and a pitcher of beer with your remaining $24.

Faulkner Planetarium

I think the planetarium is overlooked as a 'date night' option but it's a nice deviation from the norm. Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday this year.  The Faulkner Planetarium hosts shows at 7:00pm on Tuesdays. Tickets are $6.00 per adult so you're into it for $12.00 for a couple. For $21.98 you can get two plates of spaghetti at Carinos. That leaves you just over $16 you can use for a tip (Always tip your server,) and a box of chocolates for your date.