The National Weather Service has released information regarding possible flooding in parts of Magic Valley as we head into the weekend.

( Hydrology concerns heading into the weekend as temperatures warm and snow levels rise. This setup will bring rain to the lower valleys the end of the week, and even the Lower Treasure Valley is expected to warm enough to see rain over the weekend. Areas with deep snowpack in the Lower Treasure Valley are of greatest concern, particularly around Weiser, Payette, Ontario and Vale. Temperatures are expected to warm enough to cause some of the snowpack to melt in these areas, and combined with rainfall there will be a threat for at least some minor flooding.

City streets may be impacted, especially where snow and ice are blocking street gutters and stormwater drains. Small streams, fields, ditches, and low-lying areas may be impacted as well.

People living in lower valleys where substantial snowpack is in place should monitor weather conditions late this week through early next week for potential flooding. Mainstem river flooding is not expected at this time.

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