TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – If you haven’t seen the record-breaking flows at Shoshone Falls over the past several weeks, you might be a little late to see them this weekend.

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation is decreasing Snake River flow below Milner Dam for irrigation purposes, which in turn affects the amount of water at the falls.

In recent days flows went from 10,000 cubic feet per second to 6,800 cfs, said Nikki Miller, administrative assistant with the Twin Falls Parks and Recreation Department. By the weekend flows are expected to be around 300 cfs.

Miller said flows will likely remain at around 300 cfs until at least July.

The high flows over the past several weeks have been because of excessive snow melt and spring runoff. They’ve garnered attention from people and news outlets across the country. Miller said park numbers since March 16, when this season's entrance fee to Shoshone Falls Park took affect, and May 1 totaled 42,488.

"That’s not including people who have year-round passes," she said.

Missed the high flows? Below is a video of the falls as recorded in early February.

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