They’ve had a couple of years to correct the video below.  It hasn’t happened—a YouTube channel known as PackAndGo lists the eight best places to live in Idaho.  My first red flag was Garden City.  It’s listed as number eight and the narrator explains you can find apartments there listed for 800 dollars a month.  Um, I don’t believe you can rent a tent on the sidewalk for under 12-hundred.  Garden City isn’t exactly the safest place in the Treasure Valley.

Then the video goes off the rails.  It lists Idaho Falls as seventh, as you see a picture of water falling over Shoshone Falls.  Simple mistake?  What they have in Idaho Falls is a spillway and a creek.  Credibility is now completely shot, the video mentions Ammon as being among the best place to live. At the same time, showing pictures of high rises!  Oh, and Ammon is pronounced like a city in the Kingdom of Jordan.  You know, the one in the Middle East.

A few weeks ago I posted a story on the web and just before I hit publish, I changed a word in the title.  The result was an unforeseen grammatical error.  I was embarrassed for days after I discovered the mistake.

I’ve seen nothing to indicate the people behind the video noticed their issues.  It was likely posted and then forgotten.

After watching the video over the weekend, I watched several more “travelogues” about Idaho.  One guy even did a pronunciation tutorial.

I especially enjoyed a video about Athol.  Are the people there called Atholes or Atholians?  By the way, it’s pretty but also pricey.

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