This may be the dream job for many people right now, though it is horror movie related so maybe it's actually the nightmare job for many of you. Cable TV and High Speed Internet have teamed up to offer money to an individual with nerves of steel or a love of terror. The dream job they are offering is $1,000 to do a 24 hour movie marathon of horror movies. I'm guessing even the most hardened and unscarable person would start to break at some point in a non-stop terror movie binge. Sleep depravity would kick in and even the smallest jump scares would start to take their toll. Or you would become deadened to everything and come out of the movie marathon a stronger person. One way to find out - enter to be the one they choose as their torture patient.

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Besides just completing the movie marathon you'll also need to subject yourself to a few more tasks. During the bloody binge you'll need to live-tweet the marathon, so you'll need to not only love terror but also Twitter. If chosen you'll get $1,000, a Starbucks gift card, and candy. You also get to be the captain of your creepy cruise ship and pick the movies you want to watch. The only requirement is that they be horror movies - so no cheating and turning on a Disney movie for a break. Though Fantasia is arguably a pretty creepy show, especially if you are young. That may be another reason this dream job is only open to those over the age of 18, no kids allowed.

If scares aren't your thing, don't miss your chance to Win Cash - up to $10,000!

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