I’m not exactly sure if I’ve ever seen glaciers.  A writer at the New York Post is mocking the National Park Service (click here for link) for a claim the glaciers at Glacier National Park would all be gone this year.  Last year the signs warning of the loss quietly came down.

I was there in September and I didn’t see the signs. 

In a few cases glaciers are growing.

I took a lot of pictures and admit I didn’t see any large ice cubes, although.  It certainly gets cold as you climb elevation in the park.  And I suspect glaciers aren’t all white in color but have mixed with dirt and pollutants and have a slightly grayish hue.  So, I may have been in a staring contest with several and didn’t even recognize any of them.

The writer at the Post explains the glaciers across much of North America have been receding since prior to the Industrial Revolution.  In a few cases glaciers are growing.  The recession may have slowed during the 500 year period known as the Little Ice Age, giving the false impression men are responsible for current changes.  Buried within the time period is also a 70 year stretch known as the Maunder Minimum.  Sunspots simply vanished.  Which gives me the thought there are forces far greater than men (and women for the politically correct tree-hugging crowd) influencing climate.

Meanwhile, the angry left insists we listen to a 16-year-old school skipping Scandinavian and all go live in the forest and huddle for warmth.  If Lefty is OK with killing millions of babies in the womb, then starving 5 billion people (or offing them through exposure to the elements) to save Mother Earth is the ultimate human sacrifice for the elites.

The trouble is, as I’m among the 5 billion I’ve got no plans to cooperate.  My reply would echo General Anthony McAuliffe.  "Nuts," is what he told the enemy when it demanded his surrender.  Or better, yet, "How dare you!"

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