There apparently are some strange things in the skies over Idaho.

Fifteen amber-colored lights flew in formation over Twin Falls earlier this year, according to an anonymous report. It was unclear what the lights were or whence they came.

In August near Buhl, according to another report, a small white elliptical object was seen in the evening sky.

In American Falls in mid-September, a white light was seen that seemed to briskly move and then stop several times. What was it?

These reports, found online at the National UFO Reporting Center, tell only a fraction of the sorted story of Idaho’s UFO legacy. Alleged sightings in the Gem State, including the Magic Valley, has a long and complicated history. Complicated because UFO sightings usually are not scientifically explained or debunked; not many of them anyway.

What we’d like to know is if any of our readers have seen unexplained lights or other phenomena in the night sky – or in the daytime sky, for that matter, because UFOs seem not to have a preference whether the sun is shining or the moon is rising.

Share your story with us by writing “UFO Sighting” in the subject line, and telling us in the body of the email what your saw and/or experienced, then send it to If we like your story and think it will fit with a project we’re working on, we just might want to talk with you further about your experience.

A few other details when submitting:

  • Include when and where the sighting/experience took place
  • Tell us what city or town you live in
  • And briefly describe the atmosphere, i.e., was it night or day, were you alone or were other people with you, what was the weather like.

We look forward to reading, and perhaps sharing, your out-of-this-world UFO story.

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