I’m paid to be a know-it-all, community busybody and a radio blowhard.  What’s your excuse?

we’re not all looking for you to daily manage our lives

It was the subject of today’s newspaper column.  Last week, I started thinking about all of the advice people offer you on a daily basis even when you don’t ask for their input.  My oldest friends are all people I’ve known since grade school or my early working days.  Over the last 3 decades, I’ve made very few new friends (as opposed to acquaintances).

No, we’re not all looking for you to daily manage our lives.  The latest riff got started when people gave their thoughts about how I care for pets all wrong.  I’ll be 55 in October.  I’ve had dogs and cats almost all of my life.  Most have been rescue animals.  Noblesse oblige it’s called in another language.  These are animals I know wouldn’t otherwise have homes.

The neighborhood and workplace life-coaches may mean well, but wouldn’t like my interference in their households or personal relationships.

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