This is actually a video I want to share because these two did everything correctly. And that is probably why they survived to share the video. These two hikers were in Yellowstone attempting to climb a peak that only one person reached.

These hikers are in the Absaroka Mountains and climbing to the top of First Person's Peak. They are the second and third people to ever reach the top of the mountain. On the way there, they encountered a mother grizzly bear and 3 cubs. (Skip to the 6:20 mark in the video to see the encounter.) Which means she was incredibly protective. Thankfully, they saw her first and tried to get around her without causing any issues. Unfortunately, that did not work and the grizzly came up on them and charged.

The good news is that these men did everything they were supposed to do. They saw the bear and tried to avoid it all while making lots of noise so they did not sneak up on her. They had bear spray and started deploying it to try and keep her away. Then when the bear charged, they did not run. I don't know how they didn't run, but they stayed calm. Making lots of noise to try and scare the bear is a great response.

And to top it all off, they did make it to the top of the peak and back safe and sound! Kudos to these guys for, not only reaching the top of a mountain that only one other person has reached but for staying calm in such a scary situation. My heart was racing for them.

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