Man this is so sad. The historic theater in Burley made the announcement yesterday that they had to close their doors. They are hoping it won't be for forever, but they also said they aren't sure they can reopen.

The theater made the announcement on their Facebook page. They thanked their customers, they are hoping to reopen and they are devastated. They also made sure that it was known the reason they had to close was because of the pandemic.

Not an employee or anyone connected to the theater had the Coronavirus, but because of the shut down and encouraging for people to stay home, the theater could not afford to remain open.

A little history that they shared, that I was not aware of, apparently the theater has been open since 1914 and became the Burley Movie Theater in 1921. The current owner of the theater is the fourth generation to run the theater. The theater made it through the Spanish Flu pandemic, both World Wars, Vietnam, the Cold War and the new digital age. It is so sad something with such history has had to shut down.

They said they did everything they could to share the movies that were available to them and make going to the theater fun, but they just did not have enough people coming in to the theater.

You can read the full message left by the owner on the Facebook page here as well. Crossing our fingers that the theater will be able to open it's doors again.

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