Is there an affordable Idaho city?  I’ve looked at real estate listings and rental properties in rural Idaho, and let me tell you, living out in the sticks is also no bargain.  Two of the most affordable cities are here in the Magic Valley, according to a website known as  Jerome and Burley (which finished as the most affordable) are often bedroom communities for Twin Falls.  Especially Jerome.  I don’t admire the people doing the commute from Cassia County.  Especially in winter!

Housing costs are about the only negative when it comes to living in Idaho.  This is because so many people want to live here and the number of units hasn’t matched the red hot demand.

I was reading an opinion column in the Wall Street Journal (It’s behind a paywall) and it doesn’t offer much encouragement that housing will keep pace.  Why?  The latest challenge is a lack of transformers.  If you’re building a new community, you need electricity.  There’s a shortage of transformers.  China can offer some, but there are fears the Chinese will embed kill switches that could be activated in times of war.

So, as an Idahoan, I guess you need to cut expenses somewhere else to cover the mortgage or rent, however.  It’s my opinion this won’t last forever.

If you’re looking for some comps on the cost of living, Caldwell, Pocatello, and Idaho Falls are similar in size to Twin Falls.  Twin is cheaper than Caldwell, but the cities to our east are a better bargain.

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