Some 41 million Americans are expected to travel the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Many will fly.  Air travel seems to have become the equivalent of root canals.  Few people enjoy flying.  Cabins are cramped (seats have gotten smaller) and delays are common.  The last time I flew I barely made a connecting flight from Chicago to Salt Lake City because of a delay.  My experience is the airlines don’t really care after you’ve purchased the ticket.

But cheer up a bit if you’re flying out of Idaho.  Boise, specifically.  One ranking places it number seven when it comes to being timely with flights.  Think about it, the place doesn’t get much rain.  There aren’t delays for thunderstorms.  Despite the latitude, there isn’t much snow and ice.  The dry climate may benefit air travelers.

I still prefer driving.  I’ve found if I want a burger, I can pull off the highway and buy one and spend some time stretching my legs.  People weren’t meant to be cramped into tubes and then launched 35,000 feet into the air!

By the way, if you think flying is bad here, in Denmark there are plans to apply a green tax to flights.  In a country, you could bike across in a day.  The details were in the Washington Post, which is behind a paywall.  Not that most of us are visiting Denmark.  They don’t have a Thanksgiving Day (only five countries around the world have a similar holiday).  If you’re in the crowd that frets about the environmental impact of air travel, then you’re likely in the same clique that whines about the mass production of holiday birds.

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