Put this on the list of 'things I never thought about until now but it makes more sense than how we usually do it'. One of the guys at our stations in the Tri-Cities says that if you cook your turkey upside down it will make it cook better.

What Happens If You Cook A Turkey Upside Down

To me, that makes so much sense if you really think about it. Usually, we cook the bird on a rack and the bottom side gets a little soaking in the juices and all the upper juices are running down to it. If you flip the bird (ha, flip the bird) over you'll get that soak and juice drain going into the, more often, dry white breast meat.

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Woody at KORD did this and says it was so good he's doing it again this year. He does point out that it won't come out looking like a turkey from a Thanksgiving movie with a nice browned top, but who cares as long as it tastes better? Right?

Can You Cook A Turkey In A Roaster Faster Than An Oven

A few years ago, we bought an electric turkey roaster because we are lazy chefs and don't plan ahead very well. The roaster claimed to be able to cook a frozen turkey in around four hours. The surprise is that it can. The only downside is that the quick cook can make the breast meat dry. I'm excited to find out this year if the upside-down cooking will fix our issue.

Have you cooked a turkey this way and did it work? Let us know if you test the upside-down cooking method this year.

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