Walmart recently announced that they would be holding drive-in movie events in the parking lots of some of their stores. Yet in their planning, the superstore appears to have forgotten that Idaho exists. In their pop-up event they will visit 160 stores, showing a variety of movies for free. But that doesn't matter for a number of reasons. Primarily it doesn't matter because we don't have one of the events in Idaho, but equally important is the fact that there aren't any tickets available in any of the cities close to us.

Walmart is holding a number of events in Utah but tickets are sold out. The only hope we have of getting in on any of the fun is if more events are scheduled. At the bottom of the event page there is a line that states to 'check back soon for added events.' They are showing new movies like Wonder Woman and Black Panther plus older movies including Ghostbusters and The Wizard of Oz.

Walmart has always been a place to find entertainment in The People of Walmart. At the beginning of the pandemic even the parking lot of our Twin Falls Walmart there was a show, though not a good one. A short, yet epic, battle that appeared to be over the lack of masks or the purchase of toilet paper. You can never really know in 2020 what is going on.

Walmart is among the many businesses requesting their customers wear masks while shopping. They are extending that request to any who attend their parking lot movie events. Though we got jipped by Walmart in their events, we do still have the very cool sounding floating theaters we wrote about a few weeks ago.

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