I can see why you might park this way.  The lines drawn may be fading, however.  I think this isn’t so much the issue. There are times I’ve pulled up to a store and needed the facilities and pronto!  You can always finish the priority and then come back out and move the car.

When I saw the post on Facebook, it made me think about a trip to the Magic Valley Cinema a few years ago.  I was going to meet friends for a movie.  It had snowed overnight, and you couldn’t see the lines painted on the parking lot.

People tried to keep it orderly, but the lines wobbled and in some places, there were cars blocked in front and back.  In spaces where you could back up, sometimes there wasn’t enough room to crank the wheel for turning.  If you were leaving after seeing a film, and the other guy had just gone in, you were probably SOL for 90 minutes.  You can wait at the food court, but what if you get back and the first guy has left and some other scoundrel has blocked your exit?

I was recently at an event in Jerome County.  A driver parked sideways behind several cars, which had cars parked in front from the opposite side.  Inconsiderate?  You bet, but I’m not going to say it’s a sign of the times.  There were self-absorbed jackasses parking cars when I was a boy.  And you needed a lot more room to move a ’69 Buick than most of the cars we drive today.

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