I shared some pictures of the Mountain West with an old college friend.  Last weekend was the 40th anniversary of my graduation, and I’ve only seen my friend once since we left school, but we sometimes still talk about the old days.  She very much enjoyed the few hundred pictures I sent her. Then she asked what I liked best about the region.

Rose is a dedicated Catholic, and I replied that when I look down from a mountainside at a valley below, I feel closer to God.  One instance especially comes to mind.  When you drive over the ridge between Gooding and Fairfield, there’s an overlook where you can park and admire the view.  It makes me think of a scene in the 1960 film, Exodus, about the birth of modern Israel.  The character played by Paul Newman takes an American friend to see Mount Tabor.  They talk about the 3,000-year-old history of his people centered in the valley below.  Video included from the scene.

YouTube screen capture.
YouTube screen capture.

The second video isn’t as steady as what you saw in the movie.  I didn’t have a tripod.  I grabbed my phone and started recording when I was struck by the similarity.  It gives me the impression we’re being hailed by the Lord..  We share a connection with the holy.

It also makes me think about the movie’s main theme, strains of which are heard during the four-hour running time.  It’s uplifting during a time when many of us wonder how we’re going to survive as a people.

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