Today's mantra? "This is temporary. This too shall pass."

I don't know how much you believe in using mantras, but as a marathoner, I've used them regularly to get through difficult training runs. As we get deeper and deeper into what our world looks like during a pandemic, I've found "this is temporary, this too shall pass" incredibly effective in dealing with the stress the number of postponements, cancellations, closures and empty store shelves has created.

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Many of us have been turning to outdoor recreation as a release and were relieved that Bogus Basin was still an option for our families. That changes at 4:30 p.m. today. According to the COVID-19 FAQ section of the mountain's website, they are closing for the season this afternoon.

Starting March 18, there will be no patrol or emergency services available. The lodges, restrooms, plaza and base area will be closed to the public. You may NOT bring up personal sleds, toboggans or play in the snow on Bogus Basin's private property.

The operations team has put together a FAQ list for those with questions about getting their belongings out of seasonal lockers, returning leased or rented equipment and refunds. That can be viewed HERE.

If this news is adding to how overwhelmed you feel at the moment and you need to get outside, remember the Boise Greenbelt is still open for visitors. The Ridge to Rivers Trail system is another beautiful option. If you are out on the trails, just remember to turn around if you run into mud to avoid damaging the trails. Here's a great 3 mile loop that I did yesterday on all weather trails that provides some pretty views.


The trails near Camel's Back are easy to follow, so you won't get lost! In case maps aren't your thing, here's my "turn-by-turn" directions.

  • Start in the Camel's Back Park parking lot and run past the tennis courts.
  • Take the path to the left to get to the back side of the park off of 9th Street
  • Head up the steep backside hill and then up the stairs to the top of the chute
  • Keep following the train until you see the marker pointing you toward the 15th Street Trail or Camel's Back Trail. Veer right to take the Camel's Back trail.
  • When you get to the bottom. Take a left to get on #36 Red Fox.
  • Follow #36 Red Fox out to Mile High Road (Red Fox eventually becomes a dirt and gravel road in case you're wondering if you're in the right place.
  • Cross Mile High Rd and go through the parking lot to pick-up the trail again.
  • When you get to the "V" take #37 Owl's Roost on your right until you hit Mile High Road again.
  • Cross the street to jump on #35 Gold Finch. That'll take you back to the backside of Camel's Back and you can head back to your car the way you came!

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