We've reached peak whack-a-doodle. A few days ago I saw a post from a former TV teleprompter reader. The guys Charles Kuralt said had 15-cent heads and 50-dollar haircuts. That was a time when 50 bucks was a lot of money. The fellow was railing against Republican extremists, and he cited Steve Symms! What? Symms was a fairly standard fiscal conservative in the mold of his contemporary, President Reagan. In other words, anything to the right of Cecil Andrus is a radical.

Remember that folks like Tracy Stone-Manning were in the same granola-gobbling camp as Andrus.

Trent Clark, known for clashing with the current state GOP leadership summed up Symms a year ago. You can read Clark's thoughts at this link.

It's true that Idaho once had a tradition of electing some Democrats. That goes back to the influence of the Wobblies in the northern mines and lumber camps. But don't be deluded by a mirage. I don't believe Frank Church would've promoted Drag Queen Story Hour. Today's Democrats and that includes the warped souls in Idaho newsrooms, worship at the altar of Baal, and harming kids (in the womb or at the library) is the price we must pay for inclusivity.

No wonder we're seeing the growth of a faction in the Republican Party that says, "ENOUGH!"

David Brooks, the liberals' favorite conservative, said as much on the PBS NewsHour. Trump succeeds because the public agrees with the narrative. The liberals are out of control and establishing a dialogue is a waste of time. To save this state and this country, we need to stand against them, their ideology, and their wicked proclivities.

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