I received this very strange email today from newspaper columnist Trent Clark.  I’m not doing my job well, according to establishment Republicans:


Regular listener and often fan, I have taken exception to a few comments you have made about the effort to reinstall precinct committees reflective of the voting patterns of Republicans in each precinct.

As you may know, I am a former state GOP chair and have joined with Tom Luna to support PCs who truly reflect the politics of their precincts.

In the vast majority of cases, because Idaho is a conservative state, and our Republican population is even more conservative, these PCs must be conservatives.

Plus, the establishment is counting on open primary/RCV.  If that passes, the party becomes impotent.

I’d appreciate the chance to talk with you a little more about this.

Let me repeat, Republicans don’t pay my salary.  Second, I’ve rarely talked about races for GOP precinct committee seats.  There are 44 alone in Twin Falls County. Some guests make references, and I spoke about one local PC race when a candidate had her signs vandalized.

These seats will be decided on May 21st, Primary Day.

The future direction of the party is at stake.  I’m not required to favor any faction of the party, however.  I’m allowed to share my opinions.  The old guard is nervous about next week, and they fear they’ve lost their grip on power for good.

They don’t have your best interests in mind.  They’re a cabal, working for narrow special interests.  It galls them that they can’t control all media.  Very totalitarian, wouldn't you say?

Clark has a newspaper column in multiple dying papers.  I guess the shrinking readership has them worried.  So, they need to control local talk show hosts.  My guess is, that the intimidation campaign has just begun.

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