Monsanto is expected to get down to business at a new phosphorus mine near Soda Springs, Idaho that will replace an existing mine.

The move is expected to sustain 3,000 jobs, some of them new positions, two thirds of the jobs will be spread across the state

Two thirds of the jobs will be spread across the state. Some are expected to pay in the neighborhood of 100-thousand dollars a year.

The project is nearing conclusion. Bayer has purchased Monsanto but it doesn’t appear it’s going to change any of the job projections.

Trent Clark is Monsanto’s Public and Government Affairs Director. He joined us today on Newsradio 1310 KLIX and outlined the project. Including where you can apply for a job!

You can listen to the entire discussion here and also telephone 208-547-1416 to learn more about the project.
Editors note: the majority of the 3,000 jobs will be existing positions. A number of new positions will be created. An earlier version of this post indicated that all 3,000 jobs would be new, which is not the case.

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