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It’s an acronym based on the first two letters.  In recent days, I’ve made some changes to the Internet and TV.  I’m looking for the best bargain.  Over the weekend, I cut my Internet bill nearly in half.  I was also looking for a decent and affordable TV package.  The plan is to see some good college football this fall.  By good, I want a lot of games to choose from.  Hey, I’ll watch Weber State and Montana State if it’s an exciting game.

I test-drove YouTube TV for a few days on the free trial.  Then I read that FUBO had many more channels and regional sports networks.  For just another two dollars a month. I shelved YouTube and decided on the FUBO free trial.  Sign-up was supposed to be easy.

But for the submit buttons that don’t always show your order submitted.  I backed up and attempted to start again with the free trial and then the start of a cheaper quarterly plan in September.  Instead, I was informed I had an immediate charge of 88 bucks on my card.  I canceled and backed up and attempted to reload the free trial and quarterly plan.  I had to punch the submit button four times before the page was updated.  My card then got billed an additional four times.

Luckily, I won’t be charged for the last four times, but FUBO wasn’t kind when I explained how we got here.  It took 20 minutes to roust a live voice on the telephone.  The chat function wanted to charge me for questions (I’m not making that up!)  The live voice barely spoke English.  He put me on hold several times while he supposedly conferenced in secret with a supervisor.

I was told I had canceled before trying the reset, therefore wasn’t eligible for the free trial and quarterly payments.  When I pointed out that if my 88 dollars weren’t returned, I would never again do business with FUBO, he told me that wasn’t his concern.  I repeated FUBO could snatch the 88 bucks but would be passing on me being a customer for perhaps years (and losing out on thousands of dollars) he explained his employer was fine with shaking me down just once.

To add insult to injury, within a couple of hours, I received two emails from Mr. FUBO.  One suggested I come back to the service.  Number two rubbed salt into the wound.  I was asked to rate customer service!  I’m doing it as I write.

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