The vote was unanimous.  I’m not sure all 44 counties were in attendance but even if a few were absent, this is a resounding message.  The state Sheriff’s Association won’t be enforcing any future vaccine or mask mandates.  The association is making it clear it serves constituents first and not government bureaucrats or a Governor.  If you look at the statement above from a Facebook post, you’ll see this loud and clear.

Mandates aren't a Priority

I know a lot of people in law enforcement.  My job brings me into regular contact with men and women who enforce laws and protect their neighbors.  Chasing down someone because he isn’t wearing a face diaper simply can’t be a priority.  Take a guess at how many troopers and deputies are on the roads at any given shift.  The number is small.  In my home city of Twin Falls, you can only put so many officers on patrol at one time.  Others are writing up reports or serving in other capacities.

We’ve got daily calls for domestic disturbances.  There are drunks driving every day and at every hour.  There are crashes at intersections.  One afternoon last year I was driving home from work and there was a collision by Oasis.  I rounded the corner and there was a second accident.  There's no time for ticketing someone with a bare face.

People Have Remembered the Meaning of Liberty

When Idahoans burned masks last February, the scolds of liberal media treated the demonstrators as if they were barbarians and criminals.  Now there are people all over the country willing to do the same.

In New York State, half the counties have already told the Governor her mask mandate is meaningless and won’t be enforced.

We’ve discovered we remain a free people.

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