The last week did very little to change Idaho’s dry conditions.  Things may change by next week.  For the moment, there are several days of rain forecast into early next week.  The latest update from the U.S. Drought Monitor shows conditions are unchanged in southern Idaho, though.  Much better than a couple of months ago.  Most of Twin Falls County registers as abnormally dry.

Yesterday I saw a picture posted on Facebook.  A guy was driving in the South Hills and couldn’t get past Diamondfield Jack Campground.  Throw some rain on that snow and we’ll see some even more impressive runoff.  It’s going to be great in the canals but to wipe out the dry conditions in the valley, the rain is the more important part of the equation.

Maybe this summer is going to be different, but I have a strange feeling we’re going to get to a day when it’s suddenly brutally hot, and then won’t rain for two and a half months.

But it’s difficult to complain.

I was thinking a few days ago about the organized prayer for moisture.  It went out from the area churches late in 2021.  We suddenly had a lot of snow.  Then, even more, this year.  The scientists will tell us there’s no evidence of God’s intervention.  Do you put your faith in Him or the crowd in the lab coats?

The thing is, I look at weather forecasts and I’ll see three days of rain over the next week.  A day later the same forecast predicts one day of rain.  Then the following morning we’re back to a prediction of three.  That’s not a rock I can lean on.

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