BOISE, Idaho (KLIX) The Idaho State Department of Education announced this week it will continue with its current method of evaluating teachers.

In a press release, Superintendent Ybarra says that the department will us the method called the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching after an investigation was launched.

The superintendent says the decision was made after feedback from a recent cabinet meeting and those in the field. However, the release said districts can use what works for them with approval from the department.

Idaho State Department of Education
Idaho State Department of Education

I think we can all agree that we have invested much time, money, and training into the adoption and implementation of the Danielson Framework,” Superintendent Ybarra said.  “We realize that there is a lack of public knowledge around use of the framework, as well as not asking for the right information, and we will continue to support districts in adoption and implementation.  We investigated, and Idaho will be staying the course with the Danielson Framework and will continue to message through misconceptions to support school districts.”

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