Are they going to call them the Androgynous Scouts of America?  The final nail was pounded into the coffin of a once great organization as what we once called the Boy Scouts officially came to an end this week.  You probably heard the story and knew it was coming.  The change had been on the way for a long time.  We’re losing something special, but it isn’t the first domino to fall as the godless continue to wage war on traditional values.  Scouting was a victim of its success.

The administration of the organization was bloated.  The people in charge attempted to hide allegations of abuse.  Last year, the outfit shelled out 2.5 billion dollars in settlements.  Is the goal now to have boys and girls sharing tents and latrines?  Because that’s going to lead to even more legal woes.

Growing up, I learned a lot through scouting.  I gave it up before high school as I pursued a greater interest in football, but I made a lot of friends at meetings and in activities.  My uncle Paul was the Scoutmaster in his hometown for many years.  The man was an archetype of the era.  Korean War veteran, President of his local, he rang the old-fashioned bell at his church and led young men.  I’m afraid that America passed with his generation.  We lost him several years ago one snowy February.

Locally, many of the churches that sponsored scouts created their youth organizations.  Those compete with video games, screens, and soccer practice.

I’m reminded of a simpler time.  Those were days when we would all see movies that celebrated great organizations and the virtues scouting promoted.

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