You must be kidding me.  I rarely write a review where I come right out and call a travel writer a moron.  Today, I’m breaking tradition.  Travel and Leisure decided to rank the best waterfalls in every state.  You don’t even need to live in Idaho to reach a consensus on this one.  It’s Shoshone Falls!  You know, the one taller than Niagara Falls? The one that is known as the Niagara of the west?  Instead, the writer picked Minnie Miller Springs.  It’s a trickle at Thousand Springs and Minnie describes it well when compared to scores of other falls in the state.

Were these people puffing weed before they made this judgment?  Again, it’s a spring and not a waterfall!

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I know people back east who had one reaction when I took a job in Twin Falls.  “Shoshone Falls,” is what they would say in reaction, even if they had never been here for a visit.  That’s how well-known our western Niagara is, and aside from a few people from Hagerman who walk Ritter Island on doctor’s advice, who the heck pays any attention to Minnie's trickle?

This is like saying Chubbuck is the coolest place in Idaho.  Maybe on some winter days, you can say it literally, but otherwise, you’re going to be classified as an idiot.

This is what happens when travel writers don’t actually visit the places they scribble about.  They sit in some crowded cubicle in some office park like a cipher, look at a few pictures after a Google search, and then mail in the story.

Best Waterfalls Of Southern Idaho

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