If you live in Boise, you’re obsessed with the HGTV reality series, Boise Boys.  The home flipping show based in our hometown and featuring Timber + Love Realty’s Clint Robinson and Luke Caldwell has become wildly popular throughout the country and maybe responsible for some of the Treasure Valley’s growth.  After seeing what a great place to live Boise is on the TV show, people have moved here in droves.  Now, if you or your out of town family want to get up close and personal with some of the great work that the Boise Boys have done, you can saty in one of the properties that they have transformed.  AirBnB currently has four listings that are homes that have been renovated by our hometown reality stars. 


The Firehouse 

One of the coolest renovations on the show is this renovated Firehouse.  See the before and after video HERE


The Mural House 

This is a uniquely Boise home featuring murals of the city and the area.  It is located in the East End and was featured in Episode 6 of Season 2.   

Boutique Bungalow 

Another home from the television show is this bungalow built in 1900.  The updates are amazing and while the house is 220 years old, it’s recent history as the str of a reality show episode is even more exciting. 

North End Suites 

One of the Boise Boys’ first projects was remodeling this entire building.  The North End Suites are condos just walking distance from Camel’s Back Park.   

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