Conservatives and Christians know the drill.  If you get on the radar of mainstream media, you’re going to receive a figurative colonoscopy.  A couple of weeks ago, Pete Coulson shared with me he had been offered a volunteer position by Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin.  He’s now filling a vacancy created by a resignation on her task force investigating indoctrination in schools.

Shortly after his appointment, liberals at Idaho Education News were scrambling because they didn’t know anything about Pete.  Apparently, it’s still the case.

My friends, this task force doesn’t need lawyers and professors.  It needs taxpayers, parents, farmers, merchants and builders.

One writer claimed Pete had applied for a position on the task force when it was created and had been rejected.  What is fake news?  It’s simply false.  These people are just making up what they call news as they go along.  Then a television reporter suggested my friend wasn’t qualified for the role.  Keep in mind, liberal media suggests the task force is isn’t necessary.  Reporters call it partisan and illegitimate.  Then they ramble on about qualifications!

Some guy in make-up and with blow dried hair is talking about qualifications.

My friends, this task force doesn’t need lawyers and professors.  It needs taxpayers, parents, farmers, merchants and builders.  I’ll get back to this in a few minutes.

Then some lout from the Lewiston Tribune labeled Coach Pete an “acolyte” of the Idaho Freedom Foundation and supporter of McGeachin’s candidacy for Governor.  Once more, these people are making this up out of thin air.  The Coach is a regular on-air guest at Magic Valley This Morning.  We were introduced by a former Director of the Idaho Department of Correction.  Pete currently works for the office but is mapping out his retirement.  Which will allow him more time to serve on various task forces.

We not only talk on-air, we talk off-air several times a week.  I probably talk to Pete more than anyone else I know outside of work.  The Idaho Freedom Foundation (the latest bogeyman for the establishment) has never surfaced in conversation.  By the way, the clown at the Tribune called Pete a Notus resident.  He hasn't lived there for the last 50 years.

He also hasn’t told me about his plans when it comes to voting next year.  When the Lt. Governor announced she was challenging Brad Little, she invited Pete to say a few words at one of three events.  The two met some months ago and she liked some things the man said about the challenges of living in modern times.

Getting back to her panel.  I’m a taxpayer.  I expect some input in how my tax money is used.  I’ll use a hypothetical analogy to make my point.  If tomorrow I wanted to buy a radio station and broadcast polkas and waltzes, I would approach investors.  They would ask for a business plan.  They would ask me why I believed there was a market for the music I planned to program.  They would have questions about return on investment.

Government and its institutions aren’t exempt from these kinds of questions.  It’s why we have elections and initiatives, however.  A great many people working inside bureaucracies have a sense of entitlement when it comes to our money.  They’ll argue their expertise cancels our questions because we simply aren’t smart enough to understand their work.  Worse, they believe they know what’s best for your kids and you don’t.

Here’s one more question.  How have the elites and experts performed these last 15 months?

You can hear Coach Pete Coulson’s latest radio appearance by clicking here.


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