As a percentage, Idaho is still the top-growing state in America.  Its growth rate for the last year tabulated was more than six percent.  The actual number of people moving here remains smaller than some big players like Texas and Florida.  But here’s the thing, the number of people coming here is ballooning, as the overall number grows alongside the percentage.

U-Haul, among the country’s best barometers of people on the move, ranks Idaho sixth last year in destinations of its trucks.  Up from the number 10 spot the year before!  While we aren’t likely to ever surpass Texas in total size (I’m not aware that’s our goal), the five states ahead of us on the U-Haul list are all southern and all much larger in total population.

I’ve witnessed an uptake among my friends asking me more questions about life here.  My best friend is a dairy farmer in Southwestern New York State.  His is one of only three family farms left in his county.  Forty years ago, there were eight in his town!  His son graduates from high school this year, and may not have an interest in maintaining the family business.  Which was established 190 years ago.  If my buddy sells, he will likely keep working.  He asked me a lot of questions about the agricultural community locally and about farm equipment dealers in the Magic Valley.  He spent 40 years working before a knee replacement forced him out of the barn for a month two years ago.

He hates taxes, is a conservative Republican, is honest, and his work ethic is unquestioned.  Is he welcome in Idaho, or should I suggest Texas?

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