I grew up in a place where snow was measured in feet instead of inches.  My college roommate had it even worse.  One day I told him winter built character.  He replied that he already has two decades of character building.  Then he went off, got married, and settled in a city where sub-zero temperatures are frequent.

I live in Twin Falls.  I met a retired newspaper reporter a few years ago in Boise.  Like a lot of people in the Treasure Valley, they believe snow in Twin Falls only adds to the misery.  I wouldn’t that far, after all, we don’t have Garden City and Caldwell as neighbors!

Twin Falls averages 18 inches of snow per winter.  It can stop now, we’ve maxed the limit.  Some of my workmates can do their jobs from home.  I can’t.  I leave for work as early as 2:30 in the morning.  Much of the plow activity takes place later in the day.  If you had a choice, would you drive in this mess if you didn’t have to?

A number of my friends have moved to Florida.  They like to tell me about the contrast in winter!  It makes them feel superior.  They even have a Republican Governor, and some people say we don’t.

I’m not fond of being chomped by large reptiles, so I’m still not sure Florida is for me.  I don’t ski and I don’t farm, so I don’t begrudge the snow in the mountains.  But enough already here in this valley.

A caller told me today he prayed two weeks ago for snow.  With the response we’ve seen, can he pray I get a week soon on a beach?

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