Today, August 19th, is National Potato Day and in Idaho potatoes are a big deal. What other state lets you have a license plate with a picture of a buttered baked potato on it? For this special holiday let's look at all the different ways you can prepare a potato to make it delicious and see which of all the various options is the favorite in Idaho. 

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Growing up, I remember my mom slicing potatoes and giving us a raw piece of the taters, we'd add a little salt and eat them. As an adult I prefer cooked potatoes but I do remember the small raw pieces being good as a kid. Maybe I just liked the memory of it because honestly I'd take a cooked french fry now. As much as I love french fries and mashed potatoes, my true favorite potatoes dish is cheesy funeral potatoes. Zippia put out a list of the favorite potato dish in each state and Idaho went with a solid choice, also a very basic choice.

Favorite Potato Dishes credit Zippia
Favorite Potato Dishes credit Zippia

The Zippia map claims our favorite potato dish is the baked potato and I'm not surprised. You can do a lot with a baked potato by adding just salt, pepper, and butter or doing a full potato bar with chili, bacon, sour cream, and other topping options. Across the US, french fries were the number one choice followed by mashed potatoes.

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