We as Idahoans absolutely love our food. And there are some meals that just scream Idaho. If you wanted to order the perfect five-course meal that represents Idaho culture, I think we have come up with one right here.

Let's Start With The Appetizers:

First, we definitely have to start with smoked trout and sturgeon caviar with crackers or bread. Ruby trout is amazing and abundant around here. And Idaho makes some of the most coveted caviar in the world. If you are looking for some places around Twin Falls that have wonderful smoked trout you can try The Cove, Rock Creek, and Elevation 486. If we missed any places let us know.

Our second appetizer would have to be delicious finger steaks. Finger foods can be shared with the entire table. Of course, you have to have the fry sauce and the cocktail sauce. Maybe a little ranch on the side for those who are extra picky.

Now For The Entree

Nothing screams Idaho quite like a locally grown, grass-fed, freshly butchered Idaho beef. So we definitely have to get that Cap Steak or Prime rib. And as a side, what goes better with meat than potatoes? Nothing! Get a huge Idaho baked spud, with all the fixings of course.

Wash It Down With An Idaho Themed Cocktail

Get yourself an Idaho Mule. It is made with any Idaho potato huckleberry vodka. Everyone in Idaho loves huckleberries. Top it off with ginger beer, add fresh lime and some fresh huckleberries from the local farmers' market, and BAM! Idaho drink you will love.

And We Can't Leave Out Dessert

We have to have the Idaho favorite, ice cream potato. It is ice cream that looks like a giant baked potato but tastes oh so sweet. I actually don't know of any place in Twin that serves it but if I am wrong let me know. I imagine it would be even better with Cloverleaf ice cream.

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