BOISE, Idaho – Idaho’s Hispanic population is on the rise, according to new census information.

The U.S. Census Bureau says the state’s Hispanic population grew 3.6 percent between 2016 and 2017, up from a 3.4 percent increase the previous year. In all, 215,392 Hispanics call Idaho their home, accounting for 12.5 percent of the state’s population of 1,716,943.

Basing its finding on the Census Bureau, the Idaho Department of Labor explains in a new release:

Four racial groups reported an increase of 5 percent or more from 2016. Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander showed the largest percentage increase at 6.4 percent (223 people). Those who identify as “two or more races” increased 5.5 percent (2,195). The smallest group was American Indian and Alaska Native with a population of 29,973, up 1.8 percent, or 536 people. White accounted for 93.2 percent of Idaho’s population in 2017, up 2 percent from 2016, adding an additional 31,946 people.

Additional information can be found at these census websites: Idaho Department of Labor and U.S. Census Bureau.

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