There has been much discussion about the upcoming US Census that will soon be launching across the country and in the Treasure Valley, and this year, it will include the homeless population.

Our news partner, KTVB Newschannel 7 shared a story updating the process and the plan to include Boise area homeless residents in the process conducted once every decade.

In about a month, the census project will rollout around the country and here in the Boise area, with a goal of documenting where every American (or as close as possible) lives.  These figures determine how federal resources are assigned, how representation is divided in the US House of Representatives, and more.

Those who are currently experiencing homelessness don't have the one key item for usual census data gathering since they don't have a home address.  The plan is for Census workers to count residents of emergency shelters, including the Interfaith Sanctuary and Boise Rescue Mission.

They will also count those staying at locations that provide day services.  There is a concerted effort to provide multiple days and locations to conduct the counts, in an effort to get a better and more accurate read for the current homeless population.

The federal funding that each person counted represents is $1,473 and can have a direct impact on those in homeless situations.  Some of the services provided include after-shool programs and food assistance.


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