A new study released Thursday says Idaho’s infrastructure needs constant improvement and could become unsafe.  Greg Diloreto, president-elect of the American Society of Civil Engineers, which authored the study, says  America's infrastructure could use an overhaul and Idaho's is no exception to that.  Senate Transportation Committee Chair Jim Hammond   points out the ASCE could stand to benefit from new projects spurred by the study. Nevertheless, Hammond doesn't refute most of the grades handed out.  Idaho did alright in areas like wastewater (B-) and energy (C+). However, the Gem State received some barely-passing grades in areas of transportation, receiving a D+ in bridges and  state highways, and a D in transit. The study says roads and bridges need to be replaced and could become unsafe.  Those at ITD say the infrastructure is the best their budget can buy right now and hopefully will remain intact until the economy improves.  In this down economy, most Idaho lawmakers seem to agree that more money is needed for Idaho's infrastructure.  Representative Brian Cronin and Hammond  disagree on how Idaho's infrastructure is affecting what business is drawn to the state. Cronin believes companies are going elsewhere to find stronger infrastructure while Hammond says Idaho's fiscal responsibility attracts business.