If you are a die-hard ice fishing fan, I've been hearing a great deal about a lake that's 80 miles north of Boise that some Idahoans consider to be the best spot in the state. Gigantic perch are pulled out of the frozen waters of this lake regularly, which is found on the North Fork of the Payette River.

Lake Cascade is just over a 200-mile drive from Twin Falls. From Boise, you can get there in under two hours if conditions allow. Many consider the lake, which sits within the Lake Cascade State Park and totals roughly 500 acres in size, to be one of the state's top locations for ice fishing.

I had already been told by friends what an amazing area winter destination the park is, but haven't had the opportunity to visit it yet. I came across a fantastic picture that was recently shared to Reddit, that shows just how beautiful the park is.

Ice fishing on beautiful Lake Cascade from r/Idaho

There is a website that is devoted to showing some of the biggest catches ever snagged from the Valley County lake. Visitors regularly pull some pretty good sized fish from Lake Cascade, including perch, rainbow trout, panfish and more.

This region of Idaho is also known for its skiing, so there are a number of lodging facilities located close by in case you want to make a weekend of it. The Target Walleye website also gives specific details on where the best spots are on the lake, for those that haven't fished the waters before.

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