Super Tuesday is less than a week away. Hundreds are expected to attend the Republican caucus in Twin Falls County at the Canyon Ridge High School. As many as 10,000 people are expected in Taco Bell Arena, at the Ada County site. Thousands are also expected to fill up the Idaho Center, the Canyon County caucus site.


It’s the first time the Idaho Republican Party has held a caucus, and that means it's also the first time that Idaho's two most expansive counties have tried to assemble caucus voters from across thousands of square miles. Idaho County is the largest county – geographically - in the state.  But it is also one of the least populous. They decided against numerous caucus sites and everyone will meet at the Grangeville Elementary School tol help with the organization. Owyhee County is the second largest county – geographically - in the state, and is even less populous than Idaho County. But they've decided to go a completely different direction and will host five separate caucus sites believing the multiple sites will help attendance.  But everything will depend on how things go on Super Tuesday.

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